Friday, September 6, 2013

Steers again @ adagio

Since our steers have been absent (populating our freezer...) our place has been sadly lacking their presence. The grass has really started to take off with this lovely warm weather and we couldn't believe how empty the place felt without cattle!
The first two steers arrived this afternoon. We decided they slaughtering 3 steers I'm one go was a bit more than we can handle at the moment so we have decided to get 2 steers now and another 2 in 6-8 months time and try to establish a continual rotation. 
They are Galloway steers and are so tiny! I had forgotten how small they are at 8 months old!
And very, very cute!
Light was fading... Will try to get some photos of the teddy bear ears over the next few days!

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