Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Poor little chick

We aren't having much luck with hatching chickens. I think my cheap incubator wasn't worth even the small amount we spent on it. Next time I'll invest in a better one. 
The lone chick from the latest batch is struggling too. It has some trouble with its legs, splayed leg, I think. So I've been reading the forums and one suggestion was to use a bandaid to stop its legs from coming out from under it and it initially seemed to help but the chick is too weak. I've been dipping its beak in water regularly throughout the day but that doesn't seem  enough so I've made a gruel from the chick starter and milk. The poor chick is really too week even for this! I've been dipping its beak in and hopefully it has ingested enough to get some energy.  I'll be so sad if this poor chick doesn't make it!

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