Saturday, August 8, 2015

A quiet moment

Quiet moments are few and far between at the moment. So I'm really enjoying that Xavie fell asleep on the trip home from the shops today and we were able to park the car in a nice spot for me to sit with him whilst Andrew takes James for a while to do boy things. The next photo is my knitting and my view!
I'm attempting knitting with the magic loop technique with our official batch 1 of adagio yarn! It's been a long time coming with temperature and humidity causing us dramas. (Who thought it was a bright idea to start a fibre mill in the middle of Orange in winter? Oh dear, that's right... Us... Hmmmm. Anyway...) 
Today is the first patch of sun we have had for a week so the alpacas are thoroughly enjoying themselves sunning their tummies!
It always gives me a bit of a heart attack seeing them in the paddock like that but they love it! The photo is not great quality but you might be able to see Julie, our white alpaca, sunning her tummy in the background. Also in the photo is Ebony and her cria Onyx in the foreground. She surprised us with him last weekend. We had been wondering but didn't really think she was pregnant but clearly she was! He was very small and born in the middle of terrible weather but he is feeding well and seems to be going strong which is a relief!
On yet another snow day this week we even had a lamb born! Also very cute.