Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shearing 2012

I think I will always find shearing time fascinating! The alpacas all react in different ways to being shorn and it's when we find out what the fleece of each alpaca is really like! The star of the show this year was Silver Rose (pet name socks), our rose grey girl. This was her second fleece and in a year it had grown about 5 inches! Such quantity too, her bag of fleece (and her mothers) was atleast twice, if not, three times the size of the rest! Her colour is so gorgeous! I can't wait to see what it will be like spun!

The photo is of Silver Rose and her mother after shearing, they look so scrawny shorn!

Adagio alpacas!

Launching adagio alpacas! We are relatively new to farming alpacas, have had alpacas for over 18 months now and love it! They are such characters! This blog is a work in progress, I will be adding information about each of our alpacas and hopefully take you on our journey with us!