Monday, July 29, 2013

double laced barnevelder chickens

We have wanted barnevelder chickens for some time now and have been looking around for point of lay pullets but we would have to drive some distance to pick them up so we have decided to hatch our own! 

As it is a bit of an experiment, we have just bought a cheap incubator, hopefully it will work well enough! We found some lovely people who have sold and mailed some barnevelder eggs to us. Due to some misdirected mail we ended up reordering another batch thinking the first was well and truly lost, however, as soon as we did that the original batch turned up! So the first batch went in the incubator today and we should receive the second batch in a day or two. 
Barnevelders are gorgeous dual purpose chickens and the eggs we received in the mail were certainly very attractive eggs. I wonder if the chickens themselves will actually turn out to be good eating too?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alpacas are such devoted mothers!

I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it,  one of our alpacas was letting her weaned, and weaned some time ago I might add, 2.5year old daughter have a drink!!!

My birthday came early this year...

My husband has been working really hard and asked for help with what I wanted for my birthday. Which was actually perfect because I really wanted a good knitting bag where the ball of wool could stay safe and unseen by my toddler... When I visited my local knitting shop I found just what I wanted! Here's hoping it works!

So what am I knitting? I'm knitting a jumper for my 2 year old which I'm madly trying to finish so that I can start knitting with some of our own yarn! This is gorgeous though and is going to be worth waiting for! It's the Little Henry Crew pattern by sublime and the wool I'm using is heirloom 8ply baby wool shade 410. Perfect for a relatively novice knitter like me!

Feeding the alpacas in the frost

My boy didn't want to get in the car this morning, so we have detoured to feed the alpacas on the way to the car... Still hopeful we will make it there in his time without a tantrum... But looking more unlikely by the minute. Lucky we have heaps of time this morning!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What happened to winter?

It has simply been a stunning day here today! Normally this time of year it is really cold and threatening to snow! Even now at 3:30 in the afternoon the temperature is above 10degC!

Our solar system has now been on for its first 24hrs! So exciting! I check on what it was generating a few times and the best reading I found was 3.77kW. Not bad for middle of winter!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our first processed fleece!

We have had Silver Rose's fleece (the rose
grey alpaca, also affectionately called Socks) processed into yarn. It arrived in the post today and it is magnificent!!!

It was processed by Fibre Naturally and they have done a wonderful job of it! I can't wait to start a project... now what to knit or crochet?
I have two "ufo"s (unfinished objects) on the go at the moment, a crochet jacket for a newborn and a blue knit jumper for my boy so do I finished these before I start anything new? Hmmm not sure... In any case, I'm going to have fun deciding what to make with Silver Rose's fleece, probably something for my boy...
Silver Rose (Socks) November 12 prior to shearing

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Solar system installed!

I've always wanted a solar system installed and until now hadn't been able to justify the cost. I'm very excited to say that our first solar system has been installed! 5kW on the roof of our house! I just can't wait to turn it on but I'm supposed to wait until the meter has been upgraded... That's just teasing!!!