Adagio - Our farm - Come on a tour!

Adagio from the air!

This beautiful photo was taken of our farm by some friends. We are situated next to and surrounded on three sides by Spring Creek Reservoir. The best view of the house is from my kitchen window!

My kitchen window view
We moved from Sydney to the central west of NSW for work reasons and have fallen in love with the region. It will take quite a lot to move us back to a major city! We took a few years to find the property we wanted but it was well worth the wait! We have 9 acres of gorgeous water frontage.Its not ours to use as it is a secondary drinking water reservoir but it makes our 9 acres feel like 100acres!
zAlpacas are our chosen stock, we chose them as they low maintenance and have a padded foot rather than a hoof. During wet periods our paddocks get quite boggy. We are members of the Australian Alpaca Association and have been taken under the wing of a number of local more experienced breeders. They really are a friendly and welcoming group!

Alpacas greeting  a new arrival Tux (Tuxedo Junction born of Lass 2012)
We found that our alpacas just didn't eat enough of our grass to keep it to reasonable levels during summer so we have a few steers that we are planning on eating helping to keep the grass manageable. I'm still new to farming and not sure how I will go with eating beef that I have known, however they have had a nice life with nothing to worry them so if I'm going to eat beef I'll have to "build a bridge"!

Our golden retrievers, Mahler and Bartok, love eating fruit. I managed to capture them eating the watermelon outer parts recently. Two very happy goldens!

We deliberated long and hard about the name for the property. We wanted it to reflect that it is our little piece of paradise and we regularly have musical theme to our naming of stock and pets (reference to Mahler, Barktok and, Tuxedo Junction my family were worried that we would do that to our child too! But don't worry, we didn't do that to him, we chose James.) so wanted to continue in that theme. Many musical terms were considered and we finally settled on Adagio. It felt stable enough to be a place and means restful;at ease which perfectly describes how we feel when we are home.

Prancing cria (Silhouette born of Gedalyn 2012)

Our vege patch with chicken shed in the background

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