Monday, September 9, 2013

Fencing and more snake news

Life is never dull here at adagio alpacas. Yesterday we had a huge scare when we saw an altercation between the goldens and a very unwelcome visitor. The snake had made it into our backyard. There are very few entry points to our backyard and with two golden retrievers and very little cover we really didn't think a snake would venture into the backyard. Silky silly naive me. So I'm feeling rather paranoid. Luckily the goldens are ok. After a rather expensive vet trip the snake bite test came back negative. Either the goldens' thick coats saved them or they had somehow avoided getting bitten. Either way they had me very very worried!  I think I'm going to choose to believe that the snake that was at the front door (that we haven't seen again... Yet...) was the same one or this city turned country girl will want to flee back to the city!
On good notes our magnolia tree is about to bloom.
My husband has been very busily fencing!
We are dividing our front and main paddock up into 3 more manageable paddocks. We found when we were running stock and particularly both alpacas and steers we had difficulty in moving the stick around to rest and/or maintain the paddocks when they were just set up as two, a front and back paddock. Also the very large front paddock was a nightmare to bring stock in for care. So in the 3 years we have been here we have considered the best way to divide the paddocks and finally settled on a lane way and 3 paddocks for the front paddock and at this stage the back paddock will remain as one. We had implemented the lane way, some yards and the first of the paddock splits some time ago but had run out of steam when it came to the final divide. We are nearly there over the last couple of days my husband has been fencing and it should be complete tonight or tomorrow. Very exciting! The above photo is of the progress this morning. Since then all of the posts have been sunk and he has started stringing the wire.
The following photo is the view out my lounge room window, the alpacas and steers are quite sweet all in similar parts of the paddock and the chick is having some sun in its temporary hutch.

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