Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alpacas bolting for food

We have been feeding our alpacas some bought food as a treat so they are used to our presence. It works brilliantly as they associate me with food so when I call they come! It's so useful for bringing them into our pen to care for them. They are the funniest runners! When I call, even if they are the other side of the paddock, they put their heads down and bolt! I took these photos this morning of the alpacas running to be the first to the food.
Goldie is already sitting in the area waiting. She is a bit uncomfortable and we are hoping that her sitting by herself is a good indication that she might be ready to have her cria soon. She was mated a couple of times from October to January last year so she could be ready to have her cria any day now... Or she could hang onto it for another 3 months, who knows? We are hoping for soon!

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