Tuesday, September 24, 2013

photos of adagio alpacas

Tulips in bloom
I love this time of year, we are planting veggies, attempting to keep the weeds under control and generally enjoying the warm weather! My husband has had a beautiful camera for some time but I've never really had a play. On the weekend I picked it up and had some fun!
 The tulips are just starting to bloom. They are my favourites...

Some alpaca action photos, the photo of Ebony is so cute, she was checking out the camera, probably wondering if she could eat it! Its nice to have a good photo of Ebony, usually she doesn't come out well in photos as she is too black and needs a really good camera to show depth.

Have you got food for us?

Run! Maybe there is food?

The young steers, just watching...

All the fruit trees are about to bloom, hopefully we will get fruit off this one this year.
 I don't normally post photos of my boy, but he was being so cute! So lucky to grow up on a farm!
 We had a huge pile of rocks in the middle of the veggie patch that we originally intended to grow pumpkins on, however we found it was just a fabulous home for snakes. This last week we organised for a large digger (excuse my ignorance... a backhoe, I think?) to come with an operator and remove the rocks. It looks so good and ready for a new garden bed to be built! Now we just need the time...
Veggie patch area renovations

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