Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love of the natural alpaca colours

I can see many a picnic being enjoyed on this
blanket on our front lawn!
Looking out into a paddock of alpacas and seeing the range of beautiful colours grazing to their hearts' content is something really special to behold. I have been trying to think of a way to share our love of the natural alpaca colours, they way they coordinate so beautifully together and hence also our vision for Adagio Mills yarns. The best way I have come up with so far is to start working on a project that has always been waiting to be made in the back of my mind for many years. 
As a child my mother had a granny square crochet blanket. One of the classic retro ones with the rainbow colours and black edging. I'm not even sure if she made it or one of her relatives (I really should ask!) but it was something that I loved to snuggle in. I have made a few false starts over the years but have now found the inspiration to start one in ernest. 
So the two ideas have collided and I've made a start on my granny square blanket. It's really rather perfect timing for this blanket, until we are really up and running, I can only really justify working with the scraps left over from Adagio Mills yarns and that is exactly what this project needs! It will also be a fantastic keepsake record of our first yarns.
My "paddock of alpacas" granny square blanket is already loved in our household. As soon as I pull the project bag out my two boys instantly drop what they are doing and run over to claim a square or two. I think I'm going to find a stack of them at the bottom of the toy boxes once the project has been finished! They rub the squares on their faces and run around with them with all the ends flying in the air. My eldest has already announced that its going on his bed. Well... we will see.

Some of the yarns and squares currently in progress.
Yes, some of the greys almost look blue when combined with the other colours!


  1. this morning myself and two friends visited the mill for a knit morning and tour of the mill. Everything was explained from every drop of water to determining what ply and colour to naming the yarn. It is so beautifully soft, being 100% alpaca. (Most alpaca I know of in Australia are a blend with merino)
    A lovely morning tea was supplied and an extra gift with our tour. I highly recommend everyone taking a tour, just to see the effort it takes to getting your wonderful yarn from fleece to ball and onto your needles and hooks. Samples of crochet squares (shown above) and a knitted secret scarf were there to fondle. Nadine is lovely and informative and answered all our strange questions.
    During our tour we got to see all the equipment and also were able to speak to the machine operators. My silly question of why there was a sprinkler on above the mill was to keep the humidity up and static low (hopefully I'm right).
    So before next Wednesday, get in touch with Nadine and see if she is able to give a tour and chat. It's well worth is as there is nothing in NSW like it, thanks for a great morning.

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