Friday, June 17, 2016

Foggy winters day craft

Fog still at early afternoon
Today was a gorgeous foggy day. The kind where the fog is comforting and lifts all the colours whilst cloaking them in cloud. Perfect day for some craft. Fridays are precious in our household. After the madness of trying to fit as much work in the hours available earlier in the week and James at preschool, Fridays are my day with the boys where we have no commitments. Often there are the pile up of shopping, washing and other household chores but some days like today we ignore them all and we aim to have a quiet day doing preschooler things. As much as they are our dedicated day together, fridays can also often be tricky balancing work calls and James settling back into playing at home after all the entertainment of his preschool friends. So as much as I loved the beauty of the foggy day we definitely needed some planned craft today! With all my test knitting and crochet, James has become inquisitive and has wanted to do something with the yarns himself. After reading around various other blogs I have had a weaving project in mind for him for just such a rainy day event! As I suspected he was a little young yet to really get into it and the project was a little too big for him to finish but both boys thoroughly enjoyed the activity! Even Xavie did quite well with his weaving with a little help. After a few rows, and a good half an hour, James put his aside but he'll be back again I'm sure another day. 
Intense concentration for weaving
Things have been the typical brand of chaos trying to keep everything running and improving at the mill and expand our network. We have been doing lots of travelling to markets to talk to as many people as possible and spread the word that we exist. The most wonderful thing is everywhere we go people find us to show what they have made or introduce themselves as one of our kickstarter backers. We are putting so much energy into making every single yarn that it is so uplifting to meet everyone and see what they have been inspired to make. Reminds us of why we are doing this on the tough days.
More than a beanie, a favourite toy
We have also been doing some pattern design experiments in the background. My current project started with some scraps of ends of runs of yarns and Xavie needing a beanie. He just love love loves hats. So when James started wearing his beanie, Xavie wanted one as well and started wearing mine! It was so cute, just kept falling over his eyes but he stubbornly insisted on wearing it! Everyone loves the sample tension strip of colours I have as a display piece and comment on how they'd like to have our rainbow. These various brainstorm ideas collided a few weeks ago and became a prototype Adagio Mills Rainbow Sampler beanie. A few friends and I are currently madly test knitting the various sizes and the mill is completing the missing colours we need for it in the hope that we will be able to release it as a project pack very very soon. Xavie is somewhat perplexed that I was knitting another beanie just like his today! He was just the happiest kid ever when I finished his beanie and he got to wear it in the cold last weekend just like the other bigger kids we had visiting for the weekend. He is so attached with it that during the day he always knows where it is and often includes it in his games as you can see it has been carted around with his blocks in his favourite truck today.  
I don't have as much time as I would like to share crafts with my boys but crafts with my Mum forms many of my treasured memories as a child and I love to share them with my boys. What crafts are your favourites to share with your children? 

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