Friday, May 1, 2015

Antique car club meet

We are lucky enough to live next door to our local antique car club. They use a council owned building and we agist the land (approx 3 acres). Most of the time we don't see much of them but every now and then they have a meet and this weekend is one of those times! It was fantastic, today more than 60 antique cars were right next door! They were stunning! Here are a few photos that we took walking around and admiring a few that were left this afternoon.

The train can be seen in the background. Cars and a train, my 3.5 year old boy was pleased!

We have been doing a bit of hand feeding at the moment so the steers remember that we bring food and follow us everywhere we go! Bellowing at us in the hope that we will bring more lucerne for them. Rather large and intimidating to be following us around like puppies!
Our golden retrievers (Mahler and Bartok) are not so pleased that the steers are in the back paddock at the moment. Mahler runs up and down the back fence, barking, warning them off. The steers don't even bother to look up anymore! They know he can't get through the fence so they just continue calmly chewing their grass.

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