Friday, May 8, 2015

Another new arrival, Gedalyn's cria

Gedalyn has done us proud again! Her third black female cria was born this afternoon! I had been watching her all day worrying about her as she was really uncomfortable. In late afternoon I had assumed it wouldn't be today as it was getting too late but when I went to feed them snacks gedalyn didn't come to investigate which was very unusual. She is usually the first to the food! Then I found her on her side and was about to call the vet when two feet appeared! A very short time later the little female cria was born. It was wonderful to watch! We had missed all the other births on our property. It was also interesting to watch the other alpacas greet the new arrival. They each greeted her but the matriarch of the group, Julie, paid the most attention and stood protector over her whilst mum, gedalyn, rested. They form the most wonderful bonds.
The photo is of later this evening just before I caught the cria to check it and put a coat on her. 

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  1. How beautiful and how lucky you are that you saw this.