Friday, August 16, 2013

Our own beef

Today was an exciting and exhausting day. It was time for our steers to be butchered and my hubby went in to help.  I don't think we will do 3 at a time ever again! They actually only finished 2 of them today. 
The steers were Galloway steers and for a small breed these were huge!!! The dead weight for all of them was well over 300kg! Unfortunately it worked out that there was a lot of fat and bones and only about 200kg of actual meat. 
The following is a photo of the T-bone steaks for just one steer lined up. The photo doesn't do the size justice.., they are huge!
We couldn't wait to taste it! Here is a portion of my husband's scotch fillet... (Mine went back on the grill for a while...)

Possibly the best steak I've eaten!!

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