Saturday, August 17, 2013

A watched egg never hatches?

It's an exciting day at adagio alpacas today! The first of the chickens are due to hatch and an alpaca we have wanted for a long time will be moving in!!! I am also attending an alpaca genetics workshop today sponsored by our local division of the Australian alpaca association. Oh and of course my toddler is cutting his bottom eye teeth so we were up watching cars movie for a significant portion of last night! It all happens at once.
The chickens are a bit of an experiment, they were mail order eggs that got a bit lost in the mail and are being incubated in a cheap incubator (and long story we ended up purchasing a second batch as the first was thought to be lost... The poor incubator is chock full of eggs!) so we are really nervous about how many chickens will manage to hatch! I have been watching them too carefully and dreaming about chickens hatching! I wonder if any will hatch?

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