Thursday, May 16, 2013

Toddler Felt Play Scene

Today was wet and drizzly and the boy and I needed a rainy day game. I've had a few projects to make for the boy floating around in my head for a while and this felt play scene was one. I started whilst the boy was sleeping and managed to finish enough for him to play with when he woke up, will have to make a few extra felt animals later. 

The boy's first picture, the flying horse is my favourite!

I wanted to sew something that he could play with that has lots of colours and the animals he is interested in. The boy loved it, he started to play by placing the animals and other felt items on the picture but then decided that it was so much more fun to scrunch up the felt items and sit on the picture! He had fun, not quite in the way I expected but as long as he enjoyed it!

Sitting on the picture is fun!

The project was easier than I'd thought. I am terrible at drawing so I cut the felt freehand and was quite satisfied with the results.

There are a few things I'd do differently if I embarked on this project again.
 - The backing, stiffened felt, that I bought was green as they didn't have any sky blue but sky blue would have looked much better, I wouldn't have had to have the seam in the sky.
- The horse, whilst I loved the design, next time I would do a double layer or buy thicker felt and sew 1/8" around the edge. The felt wasn't quite strong enough, it lasted about 5mins with the boy before a leg was pulled off.
- The felt stretched considerably, thicker felt would have worked better.


  1. Very nice play scene. Can you e-mail me your address, you have won a Woolworths gift card. Thaank, Kim