Thursday, August 30, 2018

Adagio Made by Adagio Mills

Adagio Made by Adagio Mills

Adagio Made

Everywhere we go we find people love what we do and our yarns, but many would like to buy our knitting projects as finished garments rather than knit them themselves. 
So we have identified and tested a knitting machine that matches our yarns and are very excited that we could be one of the few mills that are able to process all the way from fibre through to finished garments in one place.

Why crowdfunding? You may have noticed, or even been involved in, the Kickstarter campaign that we ran in 2015. We were backed by 200 backers and were successfully funded. We have a lasting connection with our backers who have started the Adagio community. We love meeting our Kickstarter backers in person when we have been out promoting Adagio Mills and have loved to see what they made with their yarn rewards. 
Become a backer and we will share with you the development of your garment from fleece through the whole process until it is ready to wear. From the start we will bring you closer to the farmers who grew the fleece then learn about how we make yarns. We will be developing a special blend of merino and alpaca fleece into a superior yarn to make your garment extra soft and cosy. You will receive exclusive insights on the development of this yarn and its processing through our mill. This will include videos and images of the processing of the yarn. The journey will then continue with the ups and down of installing and learning to operate our new knitting machine and knitting your rewards.
Be the very first to receive products made from our knitting machine, the "First Edition". 

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