Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beautiful moments

We are very proud of the yarns we have been making and we had a wonderful moment this week that I just had to share with you. Starting a new business is tough but its the kind and thoughtful words or actions of the people around us that keeps us going. 

We have been working on a few projects with Marie and Fred Lawson of the Crofter's Weaving Mill and their kind words and encouragement have often come at points of time that we really needed it. 

Last week I arrived into the office to find the most wonderful package waiting for me. Marie had sent a beautiful shawl that they have made out of Adagio Mills 4ply yarns. They are loaning it us as a display piece. It is simply stunning. I was moved beyond words.
The shawl is woven using using the SIR WALTER SCOTT Tartan design using Adagio Mills natural black and white alpaca yarn. The result is amazing.

Andrew has taken these lovely photos in our garden. We had to hunt around a bit for some nice green grass! Everything is a bit dry and crunchy here at the moment. We had a little rain this last week but like many others are very much hoping for some more soon!

Marie and Fred are very talented and have the license to weave and design tartan in Australia. If you would like to contact them about their weaving services, please contact us and we will pass on their contact details.

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