Friday, March 27, 2015

Restful; at ease

I love walking around our property at twilight. I don't get to do it often with small children but today the stars aligned and I managed to get out. It is days like today that remind me why we named our property "adagio". Adagio, as an Italian musical term, means restful; at ease and that was just what I needed this afternoon. After trekking two children around from one boy's specialist appointment to a physio appointment for my wrist (that I've damaged cartilage in from carrying my very stocky 6.5month old around for long periods with my wrist in a less than optimal position) and a 3.5 year old with skinned knees that he has decided prevents him from standing, all resulting in less than required sleep for the youngest... I'm sure you've all had days like that! Anyway just wandering around and checking on things meant I cleared my head and am ready to face the world again. 

Produce from the neglected veggie patch... note the one and only strawberry from our mass of strawberry plants!

The chickens who were grumpy with me since despite their very large pen (shed as a house and penned in outside area large enough to house about 12-15 chickens not just our 6!), and large box of scrap greens from our local green grocer still refuse to lay eggs unless we let them out to wander through our grassy orchard area. I love our barnevelders but they have been terrible layers for us! Spoilt free loaders at the moment! That rooster is pretty though...

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