Saturday, May 17, 2014

homemade hand cream in the thermomix

Recently I purchased a thermomix and I'm slowing learning how to use it and what I can use it for. I have terrible troubles with skin allergies and even the hypoallergenic hand creams seem to have something in it that makes my hands worse. So I decided to find out if I could make a hand cream in the thermomix and found a recipe on the Quirky Cooking blog. I gave it a go and I love it! 
The variations I chose were beeswax from a candle from the beekeepers inn, macadamia oil, avocado oil, room temperature boiled water (rather than the scented waters) and about a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. It has a slight greenish colour from the avocado oil and a beautiful honey fragrance. I'm glad I didn't put any other scents in. The photo is terrible as the light in my kitchen at night is terrible but you get the idea!

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