Friday, November 8, 2013

Windy and dry...

The weather here is usually glorious but today is hot and windy, oh so windy! The poor alpacas are particularly uncomfortable, they should have been shorn by now but we have been waiting for Goldie to have her cria so she can be shorn at the same time. She looks particularly uncomfortable camped out by the water! Julie doesn't look to happy either! (Goldie and Julie are the light brown and white alpacas respectively either side of the water trough.) if she doesn't hurry up and have it we might need to organise the shearing for the others  regardless!
I really hope this weekend brings the rain that is forecast, I just did a short drive around the local area (to convince my non-sleeping 2 year old that it was a good idea to have a sleep) and I can't believe how dry everything is! 

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