Thursday, October 31, 2013

more alpaca yarn!

Life at adagio alpacas continues to be hectic! In the last couple of weeks we have done so much! We welcomed our wonderful au pair (oh wow, why didn't I do this before!?! My boy is so much happier and so much less mummy guilt about working!!!). We attended the Australian National Field Days and had some wonderful alpaca friends from Keiana Lodge staying here whilst they were exhibiting as well as some family!
Today I felt like it was Christmas or my birthday! When I went to the post office my yarn was waiting for me! We had sent to Fibre Naturally off Tux's 2012 cria fleece and Julie's 2012 fleece to see how they came back and I'm so pleased! I can't wait to start knitting! Now I just have to finish the vest I'm knitting so I can start something new! Will I be that patient? Probably not!

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