Tuesday, June 25, 2013

pineapple recipe a winner!

My favourite Christmas treat
I was astounded! I actually won a competition! Kim from All Things Mum ran a competition about pineapples and healthy eating recipes to win a Woolworths gift voucher and much to my surprise, my entry won!
The recipes I shared were the pineapple and carrot muffins from Australian Women's Weekly Happy Baby Cookbook and my all time favourite treat at Christmas. My Grandmother every year would bring to share at Christmas lunch pineapple cut into pieces and held together with mint and a glade cherry with a fancy toothpick. Sounds weird but so yummy! When I'd hear that I had won I was so excited that I just had to make the recipe. I ran out and bought a pineapple, the glace cherries, mint and toothpicks and created it! I think I ate as much making it as went on the plate!
So thanks Kim!

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  1. It looks festive and yummy. I like easy things that taste good. Enjoy your voucher.