Monday, April 22, 2013

Fig jam

I'm lucky to live in an area where I can buy my produce direct from the grower. At the orange food week markets on cook park yesterday I bought a tray of figs. I put plenty aside for eating fresh but also managed to have enough for a batch of fig jam. My husband loves fig jam. I don't think it will last long in this household!

If you are interested in making some fig jam, I used my general recipe of equal potions fruit to sugar, half a lemon for each 500g of fruit and I forgot the grated apple I would normally add for additional pectin. Oops!

I had it at a rolling boil for about 15mins but pulled it off a little early as I was worried about burning it (a little bit had got stuck to the bottom and was starting to give a burning smell. So it's a little more runny than I'd like but still very tasty and will disappear fast!

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