Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I love my alpacas

I love my alpacas, they have so much character! I have been making a special effort to encourage them to be comfortable around me, feeding them most days and gradually they have been responding. Especially since feed in our paddocks is low this year. (What a change from last year! Can't believe it!) They are nearly all eating from my hands and they all now come running when I call. (for food anyway!)
So this evening when we needed to move them to a different paddock I called them in for food and they came running. Once I'd shut them in the laneway and my husband had rearranged the gates  I collected some more food and started walking! To my delight and surprise they followed! With a small hiccough along the way (at the entrance to the next paddock they baulked and took off down the driveway... but with minimal encouragement they turned and sprinted towards the right paddock) they took off into the new paddock. One alpaca, Gedalyn, was so excited that she started to prance like a deer! So cute!

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